Surexport renews its cooperation with Huelva Acoge


Surexport renews its cooperation with Huelva Acoge -SurExport

On October 25, 2023, Surexport´s Human Resources has renewed its cooperation with Huelva Acoge. Since two years ago, Patricia Garcia López, member of Huelva Acoge, train Surexport´s team in issues related to immigration. Both entities signed an agreement in 2021.

This year, the members of Surexport´s Compliance Officer have participated in the meeting. Surexport keeps integrating legal compliance protection in its recruitment and management activities.  

Huelva Acoge is part of Federación Andalucía Acoge, which was created in 1991 to promote “a plural an inclusive society which protects equal rights and opportunities for all people living in Spain”, so it works to “facilitate immigrants´ integration on society”.

During the meeting, Huelva Acoge has advised Surexport´s Human Resources staff regarding immigration and human trafficking prevention.