Surexport participates in Foro Sociedad Digital en España 2020

Surexport participated on October 15th in Foro Sociedad Digital en España, an event organised by Fundación Telefónica in order to analyse the digital transformation in Spain.

Surexport participates in Foro Sociedad Digital en España 2020 -SurExport

The pandemic has forced to celebrate online the forum which Fundación Telefónica organised annually in order to evaluate the technological change in Spain. The forum is divided into different debates in which prestigious experts share their opinion regarding digital transformation in their respective fields.

The fourth debate has been “Industria 4.0: las fábricas inteligentes donde la información se convierte en un factor de producción”. Joaquín Gómez, Surexport´s IT Manager, has participated in this debate together with the Vice-Dean of Deusto Ingeniería, the director of Desarrollo Organizativo de ASTI TechGroup and two members of Telefónica.

Joaquín Gómez has explained Surexport´s digitalisation process and how the company aspire to “integrate the entire value chain” and keeping a bidirectional communication with the client. He has also mentioned the construction by Surexport of a totally digitalised garden centre, which will make easier the analysis of crops´ maturation.

The debate has also included issues as the relevance of 5G or the role of education. It has been argued that it is necessary ongoing education, as well as cooperation between universities and companies to handle digitalisation challenges.

Moreover, the speakers have agreed with the recommendation about the initiative in the digital transformation process, which needs the leadership of the management of companies, who must give the collaboration of the human capital.