Surexport consolidates its cooperation with Red Cross

Surexport consolidates its cooperation with Red Cross -SurExport

On July 25, Surexport, along with another berries companies and business associations, participated in a meeting organised by Red Cross Huelva. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the work which it is being done with Moroccan workers and to consider improvements for the following season.

Surexport cooperates with Red Cross and another organisations as Huelva Acoge, Caritas, Voluntarios por Otro Mundo and Cepaim, basically to reinforce the social work that Surexport ´s team carry out in order to satisfy its workers needs.

This cooperation is very broad. Some of the aspects included are; help with employment related issues (CV preparation, labour orientation… ) , translation support to access sanitary services, health recommendations, emotional support and legal advice regarding  immigration laws.

Moroccan workers are one of the groups who receives more attention, due to their specific needs. This year, the inclusion of workers from Honduras and Ecuador has been the novelty.

Surexport expresses its gratitude to all the social organisations who participate in this cooperation.