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Food Safety

Food safety is the main focus our berry production program. Our main concern is the safety of our consumers. We are, therefore, committed to always offering the freshest, safest and, of course, tastiest fruit.

Our Food Safety Program includes a Product Traceability System, which provides comprehensive tracking of the product from the field to the distribution outlet.

This program has been developed over many years based on research, consumer feedback and close cooperation with food safety experts and international regulatory bodies. It is based on the principles of GLOBALGAP, and is implemented in all our farms, cooling and distribution facilities.

Furthermore, we are continually audited by an independent and accredited certifying company to ensure compliance with norms and protocols that regulate food safety, adequate working conditions and protection of the environment.

The audits take place in the fields, cooling facilities and distribution facilities and monitor soil, water, fertilizer use, pest control methods, harvest practices, food safety and security procedures.

In line with international standards and regulations, the audits also cover working conditions, health and safety, and environmental problems, including use, storage and disposal of chemicals, water and waste management, damage to animal habitats and conservation of natural resources.