Our team -SurExport

Our team

Surexport is a family business, whose staff has grown over the years, at the same pace as the company. We have professionals specialising in agricultural production, handling and logistics, quality and business management. Together we form a team that works towards customer satisfaction, providing quality, security, assistance and service.

Moreover, our staff is deeply aware of the need to further develop the sector with fresh and healthy products, whilst contributing to the conservation of the environment.

Owing to robust growth rates in fruit production and trade volume in recent years, we have implemented a more professional, flexible and competitive structure to meet new needs and market requirements and move forward on this path of growth, quality, and customer service. This has resulted in the creation of new departments with new working teams that strive to become an industry-benchmark at all levels.

Indeed, we have brought on new blood to continue on this growth path, secure a better market position and increase our momentum to ensure greater chances of success in this ever-changing environment.