Surexport: Leading Berrie´s Production


Quality Assurance

Surexport’s berries are grown, harvested and shipped with the highest standards of care possible. We routinely audit all our farms and facilities to ensure that we comply with and exceed national and international food safety rules. Every batch of berries we produce is inspected for quality and appearance by our highly trained staff to ensure they are fresh and delicious when they reach our customers.

Our berries are cooled immediately after they leave the field and are not handled by anyone other than the consumer. This reduces bruising and maintains the berries’ wholesomeness throughout transportation.

"Our products have a barcode-based inventory tracking system in place to identify the field and harvest date of all fruit. In the rare event of a product quality concern or recall, we can quickly identify what product is affected, determine the product source, investigate the issue and if necessary, retrieve the product throughout the distribution chain. "


Research & Development

Growing the finest berries in the world requires our commitment to research and development. We naturally breed berry plants to be more resistant to diseases and pests while producing berries that meet our strict quality standards for flavour, color, texture, shape and aroma.

Of course, the first thing we look for is flavour. We rely on natural cross-pollination techniques to continually improve our berries. We never genetically modify our plants or use irradiation. But besides flavour and a gorgeous appearance, we look for a good resistance to disease, and a hard enough texture to ensure optimal arrival conditions after shipping and transportation from the field to the store.

"Surexport counts with the collaboration of North American plant scientists, specialized in berries variety evaluation and improvement."

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Food Safety

Food safety is the most important aspect of our berry growing program. Our primary concern is the safety of our berry consumers, our employees and our independent farmers.

One of our highest priorities is to continually build on our industry leadership in food safety standards. This is our commitment to ensure that we always provide the freshest, safest, most flavorful berries.

"As part of our Global Food Safety Program, Surexport counts with a Product Traceability System that allows us to trace berries back to the date of harvest. Our berries are grown, harvested and shipped with the highest standards of care possible. This program has been developed over years of research, consumer feedback and close cooperation with food safety experts and international regulatory agencies. It is founded on the principles of GLOBALGAP requirements, and is uniformly enforced at all of our farms, cooling and distribution facilities."

Scheduled and random audits are performed by a certified, independent third-party agency to ensure adherence to GLOBALGAP standards for food safety, proper working conditions and environmental welfare. These audits are performed in the fields, cooling facilities and distribution facilities to monitor soil, water, fertilizer use, pest control methods, harvest practices and food safety and security procedures. In accordance with GLOBALGAP, audits are performed regarding employee working conditions, safety and hygiene, environmental issues like chemical use, storage and disposal, water and waste management, damage to animal habitats and conservation of natural resources.

Quality Certificates