Surexport: Leading Berrie´s Production


Our Fields

Surexport founded in the year 1990 in Huelva, Anadalusia, has from the beginning one single goal: to grow and export the best berries in the world, in Huelva, Andalusia. From the beginning he transmitted to his company and family one single goal and commitment: to grow and export the best berries in the world.

Through these years we have improved and developed ou growing, picking and packaging practices through quality management and technology.

"Currently Surexport grows unique berries varieties, combines knowledge with passion, offering a selection of premium quality fruits: only the sweetest, juiciest and most beautiful berries all year round."


Growing Methods

The life of our berries begins at the nursery. When the plants are ready, they are dug up by the roots and excess dirt is removed. Remaining stems, leaves and runners are trimmed off. The plants are carefully packed, chilled to the perfect temperature to keep them in hibernation, and then stored until planting time.

Our nursery is designed to produce plants that are naturally identical, vigorous and as free of disease as possible. The “vigor” of the plants is critical for their performance in the fruiting field. Stronger plants are more resistant to disease, produce higher fruit quality, and naturally have a higher yield.

Berries are grown in a dynamic biological environment, where farmers must understand how weather, soil, nourishment, pests and diseases affect each variety and each plant. Our goal is to manage the biological diversity of our fields, with a minimum amount of agricultural inputs.

"Planting is a delicate process and the correct timing is critical. Each row must be laid out so that it has exactly the right slope, to ensure that irrigation water will flow smoothly throughout the field."

The length of the growing season depends upon the berry type, the variety and the climate of each unique growing region. Strawberries take 30 days to mature from flower to fruit. The berries are picked every three days, and the fields must be re-planted every one to two years.

Raspberry and blackberry plants do not require re-planting every two years. Blueberries are a deciduous fruiting plant, which means that they only produce fruit in season, but they can live more than 15 years before re-planting is necessary.

After the berries ripen, they are handpicked in the field and sent to a nearby cooler. There they will be chilled to remove field heat, and prepared for immediate shipment.