Surexport: Leading Berrie´s Production


Our Brand

Surexport was founded by Andrés Morales Rodriguez in the year 1990, in Huelva, Andalusia. From the beginning he transmitted to his company and family one single goal and commitment: to grow and export the best berries in the worl.

Through these years we have improved and developed our growing, picking and packaging practices through quality management and technology.

Currently Surexport grows unique beries varieties, combines knowledge with passion, offering a selection of premium quality fruits: only the sweetest, juiciest and most beautiful beries all year round.

"Doñarosa is our main commercial brand name. After 20 years it continues to be the hallmark of our top quality berries. "

These are important reasons why we should become a berry lover!


For consumers inside and out of Spain, Surexport is a leading supplier of top quality fresh berries. Ou brand name Doñarosa has become synonymous of tasty and health fruit. It is a name associated to health and nutritional care of the family through delighful fresh products.

Our brand name has also obtained confidence and reputation from the innovation and tecnology side. We have achieved important goals in the research and development field, growing unique varieties that allow us surprise and satisfy our customers.

"Finally, Surexport and its brand Doñarosa are committed to excellence in terms of global service perfomance, in order to reach correctly and on time any destination."