Surexport: Leading BerrieĀ“s Production


Our Berries

Surexport is a family run Company that produces and exports top quality berries to many destinations around the world. Even though our market is mainly based on Great Britain and Western Europe countries we currently supply very demanding clients in Eastern Europe and Middle East.

When our business began, almost 20 years ago, we knew that we had to be able to offer something different among the world of berries, fruits that should outstand because of their quality and their presentation.

"Our varieties have been selected because of their quality and their characteristics. All the improvement achieved comes from experimental techniques and completely natural breeding methods."

From the beginning we have received the scientific support of Plant Science, Institute of California whose expertise is focused on plant breeding and improvement.

Along 2011 we have produced and exported one new and private strawberry variety called Virtue. In 2012 another of our strawberry exclusive varieties, identified as BG4, has achieved the Best New Imported Strawberry Award given by ASDA (Wall Mart Group). Besides strawberries we also develop our own varieties of raspberries and our blueberries give a third chapter in our new berries varieties.